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Craftsman spirit creates high-quality air treatment products. In puresci, R & D is not only the historical heritage, but also the core of future development.

Since its establishment in 2010, puresci has developed new technologies in a way close to the customer market. So far, hundreds of solutions can be widely used in lithium batteries, household air conditioners, supermarkets, plastics, food, pharmacy, military industry and other industries. The cutting-edge scientific research ability of the industry solves the most severe challenges of customers and users.

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Comprehensive products, technologies and solutions serve diversified markets
Providing A broad Range of Offerings to Serve Diverse Markets

As a high-quality supplier of large-scale lithium battery factories such as CATL and Nanjing LG, our medium-temperature regeneration solutions meet the stringent standards of lithium battery production. Pworth helps you achieve high-efficiency production  learn more

Creating a comfortable home environment is not only to control humidity, but also to improve air quality. The series of household products developed by Puresci are also providing core internal driving force for the fresh air system of future housing.  learn more

The ASHRAE standard requires the introduction of ventilation airflow in commercial spaces to improve indoor air quality. Puresci's AHU technology and high-temperature VRF rotor system solve the fundamental problems of desiccant, cooling and sterilization  learn more

In the process of sludge treatment and transportation, the hazards of peculiar smell and microorganisms have become the biggest hazards. Puresci's sludge drying solution, through the drying treatment of sludge, makes it possible to treat sludge for agricu  learn more

At present, the new plastic dehumidification system developed by Puresci has been applied to a large number of fan units, one-to-many dry plastic production environment, and can provide the best solution for materials such as PLA and PET.  learn more

The particularity of the pharmaceutical industry determines that continuous and precise control of air humidity is essential whether it is producing or storing medicines. Pworth has solutions that meet stringent standards.  learn more

Precise humidity control can produce high-quality food. Puresci's research and development and dynamic simulation, from the raw materials to the processing plant to the table, have an in-depth understanding of how to improve the quality of the food during  learn more

Efficient and energy-saving are the keywords of the communications industry, and information technology needs to operate in a precise environment. The data center solution provided by Puresci provides complete components, parts and accessories to achieve  learn more

Successful navigators all have the same trait-the courage to take risks. Puresci's success in the shipbuilding industry comes from its rich imagination and the most primitive spirit of adventure in the laboratory.  learn more

Untreated compressed air contains dirt,water and oil,which will contaminate and damage the back-end gas equipment and systems after use.The rotary dehumidification system is coupled with the air compressor post-processing equipment, which can provide cont  learn more
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Puresci was founded in 2010 and is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales.