Compressed air

The combination of compressed air post-processing and desiccant rotor has become the trend of future development. Puresci will jointly develop with well-known air compressor companies at home and abroad in the second half of 2021 to realize the efficient combination of air compressors and desiccant rotors, so stay tuned.
  • Puresci protescts your system and product process in the comressed air field
    The treated compressed air can effectively prevent pipeline corrosion, product damage and premature failure of pneumatic equipment. Puresci's dehumidification rotor system has excellent energy efficiency and can provide low-cost, high-efficiency compressed air.Compared with the traditional double tower adsorption equipment, the dehumidification system has a smaller volume and saves space; the desiccant wheel can supply dry air in an efficient and energy-saving manner to meet the requirement of low dew point.It's suitable for industries where high-quality oil-free air is critical to the production process, such as automobile manufacturing, medicine, food, and electricity.

  • Car manufacture

    The spraying process of automobiles requires high-quality compressed air. Puresci's desiccant wheel coupled with compressor post-processing equipment provides you with a worry-free compressor air treatment solution, avoiding spraying defects and optimizing efficiency. By rationally using the waste heat of compressor operation, reducing energy loss and reducing operating costs for you.

  • Food manufacture
    In the food production process, whether it is distributing materials, mixing, material aeration, or product gas injection and filling, the compressed air used has strict humidity requirements. Puresci's dehumidification rotor, as the core component of compressor post-processing equipment, can help compressed air meet more precise humidity requirements and provide better quality and safer final products for food production.
  • Power generation field
    Convenient power in modern life is inseparable from the complicated and rigorous operation of power generation, transmission and distribution systems. The stable gas in compressed air is the lifeline of power plants.The use of Puresci's desiccant wheel in the compressor post-processing equipment can make the compressed air gas get accurate and stable humidity control, and provide safety guarantee for power generation equipment.
  • Medical Field

    During the production of pharmaceutical, strict humidity control is required. Air compressors are widely used in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The stable dehumidification performance of the puresci desiccant rotor provides high-quality processing air for the medical field.