The relative humidity of ships at sea is as high as 95%, and hygroscopic goods such as electronic parts, textiles, and printed materials are often damp. Therefore, desiccant of ships is the primary task, not only before loading and during transportation, but also after cleaning.
  • Puresci's Nautical Feelings
    出纳-01Today's air treatment industry needs to transform development trends, market demands and user specific needs into high-efficiency and high-quality products. Perhaps Puresci's success in the shipbuilding industry stems from unconstrained imagination and the most primitive adventurous spirit in the laboratory.
  • Shipbuilding and maintenance

    During the shipbuilding and maintenance industry, Puresci can also be used in sandblasting and painting processes to protect equipment from corrosion and condensation damage.

  • Office and crew domitory

    Puresci's research on the sense of living experience can be extended to the vast ocean.

  • ship and equipment

    When moisture encounters salty things, it will corrode the building, thereby greatly reducing the service life of the machine and seriously affecting the practicability of electrical equipment.

  • Cargo

    Puresci protects goods that are susceptible to humidity disturbance during food transportation.

    For example: coffee, tea, tobacco, paper products and powder