From food production, processing and storage areas to food packaging rooms, excessive humidity will cause bacteria to grow, which will lead to a bad consumer experience, so strict measures on humidity and temperature control are required.
Customer case
  • Puresci's R&D and dynamic simulation-from raw material to processing plant to table.
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    With the development of the global economy, various industries have also seen diversified development, especially the food industry.from whole grains to the deep-processed foods such as milk tea, desserts and coffee on the streets today, they all reflect the importance of food production to society.Puresci's research and development and dynamic simulation, from the raw materials to the processing plant to the table, have an in-depth understanding of how to improve the quality of food during the drying process and retain the best flavor of the food.

  • Pleurotus eryngii

    Puresci can extend the shelf life and reduce the energy consumption of the drying line.

  • Tobacco

    Puresci's drying system effectively improves the aroma of flue-cured tobacco, reduces irritation and noise.

    At the same time, the combination of high-temperature VRF and the runner can greatly increase the COP value and further save energy.

  • Macadamia

    Using Puresci rotor + heat pump drying method, the humidity can be greatly reduced in summer, which is conducive to the absorption of moisture from macadamia nuts, which is 3 times more efficient than traditional drying methods and improves the quality.

  • Sea fish drying

    Sea fish should maintain proper temperature and humidity control during the drying process, otherwise it will affect the quality.

Customer case
  • Puresci customized dried fish and kelp drying solution for Norwegian seafood company
    Puresci desiccant products are customized for the drying of food materials. It meets the needs of customers in the drying of seafood and helps customers develop new markets for new materials.
  • Puresci gets the largest chewing gum factory order in Uzbekistan
    The factory was impressed by Puresci's overseas sales and technical support capabilities, and the energy-saving efficiency of its desiccant products.