With the continuous progress of the times, people have higher requirements for the quality of the building environment, and at the same time the energy consumption of public buildings continues to grow. Puresci's multi-dimensional refrigeration and desiccant rotor combination method has saved energy consumption for public buildings.
Customer case
  • Puresci helps you improve your profitability through better public energy-saving equipment and user experience

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    Traditional low-temperature cold water systems are developing toward high-temperature cold water systems. Under the policy guidance of "carbon neutrality" and "carbon peak", and guided by the theory of independent control of temperature and humidity, the coupled application of high-temperature cold water systems and low-temperature dehumidification runner systems is The future development direction of air-conditioning systems in commercial and public buildings.

  • Cinema and auditorium

    A movie and opera can't describle Puresci's art in humidity control .

  • Hospital

    It require more accurate and lower temperature and dew point in the hospital ,that provide comfortable and healthy's indoor environment for doctors , patients.

  • Museums and archives

    In a high humidity environment, cultural relics, antiques and paper documents will corrode. Puresci's products can avoid expensive and complicated repair costs and high energy consumption of fresh air equipment.

  • Supermaket

    In the frozen product area of the store that humidity will effect the refrigeration operation and customers purchasing decisions . Puresci's AHU system can strictly control the temperature and humidity at an accurate and constant level .

Customer case
  • Fudan University with Affiliated Hospital 's odor treatment
    In addition to providing dehumidification products and solutions for the hospital, Puresci was also invited to investigate the problem of peculiar smell in the air supply for the Fudan University Affiliated Hospital. If high-quality products are the "hard power" to ensure the stable operation of equipment, then high-quality after-sales technicians are the "soft power" to ensure the efficient operation of our services . 
  • Yangzhou Grand Theater project :Fresh air system upgrade
    Yangzhou Grand Theater has a construction area of 12000 square meters , such a large-scale comprehensive  performance venue , it's need sufficient ventilation . Puresci's design concept for the Yangzhou Grand Theater fully considers human comfort, as well as the theater's system and operating costs.