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Puresci provides high-reliability core components and application technology solutions for desiccant air-conditioning systems

Committed to the research between water and air and adsorption materials and the manufacture of Desiccant Rotors

High temperature desiccant rotors--PSS

Since its establishment in 2010, Puresci has been constantly exploring the smallest details. Through the joint research and development of the material and the dynamic laboratory, the high-temperature desiccant rotor PSS has been put on the market. After years of market testing, PSS has been able to meet the requirements of desiccant in high-temperature environments.

High market recognition

High surface strength

long life

High efficiency and temperature desiccan rotors--PSS-S

The PSS-S desiccant rotors is an upgraded product that is based on the PSS desiccant rotors for material micro-optimization, which is different from the previous ordinary silicagel rotor products. On the basis of 82% sizing rate, hydrophilic hydroxyl groups are added to improve the adsorption performance of the rotor.


Refrigeration and saving-energy

Saving-energy desiccant rotors--PST

For a long time, industrial regeneration in operation requires energy consumption-electric heating, steam heating, which consumes lots of electricity and steam, and brings extremely high energy costs to users.
Puresci takes the customer as the center and has obtained a new generation of products-PST dehumidification rotor after research, with a ratio of regeneration air volume and processing air volume of 1:4. The desiccant performance is equivalent to the traditional desiccant rotors method-the ratio of regeneration air volume to processing air volume is 1:3, and the regeneration energy consumption can be saved by 25%.

Energy saving 25%

Deep desiccant

patented product

Saving-energy and low dew point desiccant rotors--PSC

The PSC desiccant rotor is an energy-saving middle-temperature regenerative desiccant rotor specially developed by Puresci for the dual rotor low dew point desiccant system. The effect is obvious after the use of the dual rotor low dew point desiccant system.


Middle-temperature regenerative

Double-rotors low dew point

Lithium batteries

0 energy cosumption low temperature desiccant rotors

When Puresci was founded, it put the development of desiccant air-conditioning (temperature and humidity independent control system-THIC air-conditioning system) closely linked with the low-temperature regeneration rotor in an important development position.

The THIC air-conditioning system is one of the important development directions of the air-conditioning system in the future. It can greatly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions while meeting the needs of human life and industrial production.

Low temperature regeneration

Zero energy consumption

Independent temperature and humidity control