With the rapid development of new energy vehicles around the world, lithium batteries, as the core power support of new energy vehicles, are also showing fierce competition. Leading companies such as CATL and BYD have a huge user base in the field of lithium batteries. The product quality is leading, and the guarantee of product quality mainly depends on the strict requirements during production and manufacturing.
Products and services
Customer case
  • Puresci solves the problem of high regeneration energy consumption of desiccant rotor for lithium battery production from the source

    汽车_画板 1 副本The humid environment can cause  quality and  safety problems in the manufacturing process of lithium batteries .
    Generally , lithium batteries's production workshops , the requirements for the control of moisture in the air are setting with dry rooms and clean rooms ,and the dew point temperature needs to be controlled at a very low humidity level .
    Regeneration temperature reduction not only a energy consumption 's reduce ,but also a fundamental changed in the heating methods . The original steam heating can be change to hot water heating , making the system more simpler and  opreating cost more lower . 

Products and services
  • Puresci product shaping services

    Using CFD numerical simulation software and the principles of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics to simulate the fluid position of the lithium battery production environment, design the most superior air conditioning system.

  • High performance and Smart Solution systems

    Produce core components and provide reliable components and accessories, that ensure cost reduction and energy saving in the mass production of lithium batteries, and realize real-time monitoring.

  • Energy and power management

    Make full puresci's dynamic simulation capability,through the solutions tested in field practice, the energy consumption in the production process can be accurately controlled.

  • Product and technical support's ecological services

    Puresci's professional engineers will bring world-class instruments and self-developed selection systems to bring users a set working condition with excellent dehumidification effects..

Customer case
  • CATL adopts Puresci's medium temperature regenerative and double-rotor system to save energy 40%-60%
    The world's largest lithium battery manufacturer CATL cooperating with Puresci . Puresci helped CATL save a lot of time and money in actual operation. This also sets a typical model for the cost-reduction projects in the lithium battery industry in the future. 
  • puresci customized special lithium battery application program in Germany
    When a German-made lithium battery manufacturer wanted to achieve low dew point conditions through descciant rotors system, they chose Puresci. We crossed the Pacific Ocean and accurately solved the low dew point problem at the Stuttgart Lithium Battery Plant.
  • LG's lowest dew point sloutions provider

    Puresci helps LG Chem Nanjing Lithium Battery Plant to solve the low dew point environment needs with single-rotor low dew point products and solutions. The structure is simple, the moving parts are few, and the maintenance is convenient. By improving the flexibility of the system, LG's production efficiency has been greatly improved.