With the improvement of living standards, human beings have more urgent requirements for the safety and comfort of housing. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to reform the air-conditioning system of the housing.
  • Puresci——The

    居家_画板 1 副本The survival rate of influenza virus is higher under low humidity and dry conditions, usually when the humidity is above 50% and the temperature is above 20°C, the bacterial survival rate is significantly reduced.

    Bacteria and viruses cannot survive under high humidity conditions, but too high humidity can cause molds and mites to breed, so indoor relative humidity (40-60%) must be between 40-60% to ensure a healthy and comfortable living environment. Puresci can be controlled by precise multi-variables, and the humidity can reach (50-60%), thus ensuring the health and comfort of the living environment.
    Puresci's innovative fresh air conditioning system wil help mid-to-high-end real estate to create ahigh-quality indoor air environment .different from commercial and industrial buildings , Puresci provides ideal solutionsfor energy saving ,noise reduction ,health and safety in response to household-level requirements .

  • New house design or future home concept

    Puresci's newly planned 2021 home fresh air system laboratory is built for the future

  • Multi-family house

    Make full use of the technical advantages of Puresci digital control and the industrial solution experience of one-to-many systems to realize the permanent control of the fresh air system.

  • Private valla

    Provide high-quality fresh air systems and equipment required by villas, including basements, garages, warehouses and other environments that require humidity control.

  • Big flat

    On the basis of the recommended installation, use the smallest volume and the lowest cost to provide healthy and comfortable indoor air for the whole house.