Sludge dry

With the strengthening of the country’s economic strength and the improvement of national awareness of environmental protection, the urban sewage treatment industry has developed rapidly, the output of urban sludge continues to grow, and the disposal and development and utilization of sludge have attracted increasing attention.
  • Environmental protection ,energy saving ,reuse
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    Puresci's sludge drying system makes it possible to dry sludge, use sludge as fuel, agricultural use, incineration, and even reduce landfill sites.

    Based on the sludge dewatering, the intrinsic characteristics of the material need to be tested and researched to characterize the binding force between the microscopic water and the material, and then mathematical calculations are carried out through numerical simulation, dynamic fitting and other related methods to provide different desiccant products for the sludge industry And system solutions.

  • Leather

    Puresci provides solutions for the drying and treatment of waste materials in the leather production , and improves efficiency for users . 

  • Electroplating
    The heavy metal deposits produced in the process of electroplating wastewater are diverse and extremely complex. Puresci provides solutions and core components for the treatment and separation of electroplating sludge, saving energy for customers and users .
  • making-paper
    The share of the making-paper industry in the market cannot be underestimated. The process generates a large number of pollution sources. Puresci provides solutions and parts for sludge drying, improves drying efficiency and saves energy.

  • Pharmaceutical
    It is very difficult to dry wastewater generated in pharmaceutical factories, and it is important to choose energy-saving and efficient drying equipment. Puresci provides pharmaceutical sludge drying solutions and core components, which bring value to its sludge treatment.
  • Chemical industry

    The rapid development of the chemical industry has led to wastewater pollution and heavy chemical sludge treatment. Puresci provides energy-saving and efficient drying solutions and core components to reduce costs and save energy and improve efficiency for chemical sludge drying.

  • Printing and dyeing
    With the development of the printing and dyeing industry, the output of sludge has gradually increased. The water content of the printing and dyeing sludge is large and the treatment is difficult. Puresci solves the problem of printing and dyeing drying, energy saving and high efficiency.
  • Municipal

    During the research, the moisture content of the sludge after the traditional thickening and dehydration process can't reach below 60%. To achieve this deep dehydration effect, new drying technology needs to be introduced.