The progress of the times has promoted the development of the communications industry, and data preservation is inseparable from the support of various hardware, and the normal operation of hardware facilities is still inseparable from a suitable temperature and humidity environment.
Products and services
  • Puresci's reliability in the communication industry
    数据中心3-01With reliable expertise and outstanding innovation capabilities, Puresci has become a dehumidification expert in the communications industry. Whether it is standardization or customized solutions, our products exhibit excellent desiccant capabilities.
Products and services
  • Product and technical support's ecological service

    From the preliminary design to the final installation and commissioning, Puresci's professional engineers will bring world-class instruments and self-developed selection systems to bring users a set working condition with excellent dehumidification effects.

  • Energy and power management

    Make full use of Puresci's dynamic simulation capabilities, and accurately realize energy consumption control in the production process through on-site practical solutions.

  • High performance rotors and Smart Solution systems

    Produce core components and provide reliable components and accessories, make full use of the new generation of industrial internet of things, ensure safety control during the pharmaceutical production process, and realize real-time monitoring.

  • Puresci product selection service

    Use CFD numerical simulation software and the principles of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics to simulate the pharmaceutical industry environment , that design the most superior air-conditioning system.