Consulting and technical support

Consulting service
Technical support
Consulting service
  • 1.product replacement and upgrade
    Provide better product selection and clearer performance comparison.
  • 2. Energy saving efficiency
    Combining initial investment, running energy consumption and mechanical management, make your energy saving more transparent.
  • 3.Upstream and downstream supply chain integration
    Focus on core components, one-stop to meet your needs
  • 4.Share customer cases
    Puresci has practical experience in solving root problems in industries including lithium battery, chemical, household and commercial industries 。
Technical support
  • 1.Based on basic principles

    Puresci provides technical services based on the principle of thermodynamics, the principle of desiccant rotors, and the experience and data summary of the physical phenomena of heat and mass transfer caused by the changes in the three physical quantities of heat, humidity and cold during the operation of the desiccant rotors.

  • 2.Technical elite

    Puresci has application research and application technical support engineers with a solid theoretical foundation and rich experience in the application of desiccant rotors.

  • 3.On-site technical service

    Puresci has the world's leading temperature and humidity meter, dew point meter, differential pressure meter, anemometer, cold mirror and other testing instruments that can be used for on-site measurement.

  • 4.Efficieny and energy consumption

    Based on our advanced calculation software and the rich industry experience of professional engineers, we can provide accurate and fast dehumidification system operation data analysis and evaluation.

  • 5.Professional analysis report

    For the application and data boundary problems that may arise in the application of the dehumidification system, professional analysis reports can be provided.